Endorsements | Mikaela Nix | Candidate for Florida House District 47 - Republican
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Mikaela Nix is proud to be endorsed by:

Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera endorsed Mikaela Nix for State House District 47Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera

“I am proud to endorse my friend and fellow conservative Mikaela Nix for State Representative.  The attacks by her opponent are shameful and without merit.  Mikaela has a passion for helping people and a love for the law.  There’s no doubt that she would be an effective leader for the citizens of District 47. On Agust 28, please vote for Republican Mikaela Nix.  She’s my friend. I endorse her and I hope you will support her.”

Former Orange County Clerk of Courts Eddie Fernandez

County Commissioner Pete Clarke

Belle Isle Commissioner Tony Carugno

Belle Isle Mayor Lydia Pisano

“We need a representative who is running for the people and not for a title. That’s Mikaela Nix, a conservative who cares about people and is already making a difference in our community.”

Edgewood Council President John Dowless

Edgewood Mayor Ray Bagshaw

“We need a conservative leader who is able to work with all parties to get things done. That’s why I’m endorsing Mikaela Nix for State House 47.”

Edgewood Councilman Alan Horn

Edgewood Councilman Ben Pierce

Winter Park Commissioner Pete Weldon

Former Winter Park Mayor Ken Bradley

Craig Swygert, Chairman of the Board of BusinessForce

“After meeting and interviewing Mikaela, we felt she had a very clear understanding of the needs of the business community. As a business owner herself, she is laser-focused on business issues and economic growth.